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Aifric Campbell launches ON THE FLOOR with a spot on BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme

March 5th, 2012


Aifric Campbell was the first female Managing Director for Morgan Stanley in London. As one of a few women working ‘on the floor’, she was ideally placed to witness the ambition, the pressure, the panic and the fallout.

Her third novel, ON THE FLOOR, deals with the immense expectations traders are placed under, in order to close a sale. It’s also a rare femal perspective on a predominantly male world. Set in the days before the 1991 Gulf War, it shows the City on the cusp of delivering its power to the machines that run the trading algorithms.

Aifric appeared on BBC Radio 4′s flagship news programme, Today, on Friday March 2nd with John Sutherland, discussing fictional attempts to process financial crises.

Listen to the interview again here.