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  • 04/10/2012
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A History of Football in 100 Objects

The remarkable stories of 100 football artefacts that have shaped the game as we know it.

What does a turnip have in common with a pair of£500 sunglasses? They've both played a pivotal role in football history. Following on from Neil MacGregor's groundbreakingThe History of the World in 100 Objects, Gavin Mortimer provides a quirky and unique take on the beautiful game told through its defining objects.A History of Football in 100 Objectsbegins on the momentous day in October 1863 when several men in frock coats formed the Football Association. Ever since, the sport has continually evolved - and created new ways to thrill and infuriate its billions of followers along the way. If you've ever wanted to know when footballers started to feign injury, why an old sock helped Pelébecome a global legend or how a draper's letter changed football, you'll find the answer in this fascinating history of invention, ingenuity, indiscipline - and sometimes inebriation.From the inaugural red card to a Buddhist shrine, each of the objects selected gives us an intimate glimpse of an unexpected truth behind footie mythology - and together they relate the larger history of the world's biggest and most-loved sport.

About the Author

Gavin Mortimer, who lives in Paris, is an award-winning writer, and journalist. He is the football correspondent for theWeekmagazine and also writes for theSunday Telegraph,BBC History Magazine, andRugby World.


'A richly original account of the game's past, present and future', Mark Perryman

'Praise forThe Great Swim:'A fascinating and irresistible slice of sporting history', Daily Mail

'Cracks along like a Channel tide ... his descriptions of the caprice of the ribbon of water that defeated so many are compelling', Daily Telegraph

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