bookslamSimon Rich is a graduate of Harvard University, where he was president of The Harvard Lampoon. Shortly after graduation he became a writer for Saturday Night Live. He now works for Pixar. Simon recently appeared in Forbes’s 2014 30 under 30: Hollywood & Entertainment list.

Elliot Allagash was his first novel, followed by What in God’s Name and most recently, The Last Girlfriend on Earth, a collection of very funny short stories about love.

9781781252833 (1)Spoiled Brats is out now and shortlisted for the Gordon Burn Prize 2015.

We asked Simon Rich to imagine he was throwing a dinner party for fictional characters. Who do you invite?

His answer: “I’m a terrible cook, so I’d make sure to invite characters with low dining standards, like Oliver Twist or Jean Valjean. I could just serve bread and they’d be psyched.”

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“Simon Rich: The Funniest Man in America?” - Guardian interview


Extracts: Spoiled Brats, The Last Girlfriend on Earth and What in God’s Name

Growing up is hard to do, and generation Y seem to be finding it harder than ever.

Meet Simon Rich’s latest creations in these very funny short stories: anxious parents, ungrateful kids and a well-meaning angel of death.

More about Spoiled Brats

Who said all’s fair in love?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a caveman, a time traveller or a regular person. Sooner or later, someone’s going to break your heart.The sketches in Simon Rich’s new book are bizarre, funny, and – if you’ve ever been in love – all too familiar. From the invisible man stalking his ex, to Sherlock Holmes’ only blind spot, The Last Girlfriend on Earth is always enchanting, often sweet, though occasionally awkward. Just like love itself.

More about The Last Girlfriend on Earth 

How can you help mankind, when they won’t help themselves? Welcome to Heaven Inc, and Craig’s life.

From the Sunsets Department and Geyser Regulation to the Department of Miracles, Heaven Inc has the earth covered. Unless someone is away from their desk. And these days, the CEO is kind of disillusioned.God knows he should be keeping an eye on the bad things happening on Earth, but instead he finds himself watching the Church channels on satellite TV.

More about What in God’s Name



Watch an interview with Simon Rich and learn more about The Last Girlfriend on Earth

“One story is told from the point of view of a condom in a teenage boy’s wallet.
That piece is definitely autobiographical.”

Watch a video of Simon Rich talking about his debut novel, Elliot Alagash

It’s like Napoleon Dynamite meets Mean Girls.


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