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Meet the most important man you’ve never heard of: GENE SHARP visits London

February 1st, 2012


Renowned nonviolent protest theorist Professor Gene Sharp visited London this week.

Serpent’s Tail are honoured that Gene Sharp, so-called “godfather of nonviolent protest” and author of the hugely influential From Dictatorship to Democracy, is in London this week on a rare visit. Just published for the first time in English by Serpent’s Tail and based on over 40 years of research into nonviolent methods of demonstration, From Dictatorship to Democracy has been translated into 34 languages and inspired nonviolent resistance movements from Burma to Serbia and most recently Egypt, Russia and Syria.

Michael Binyon wrote in Saturday’s Times that ‘not, perhaps, since Machiavelli has a book had such impact in shifting the balance of power between the rulers and the ruled’.

The award-winning documentary on Gene Sharp’s methods of nonviolent struggle How to Start a Revolution has had two sold-out screenings at Frontline Club and Curzon Soho and will be shown tonight in what promises to be an equally packed House of Commons.

You can watch Gene Sharp’s BBC HARDtalk interview with Tim Franks on iPlayer for one week after broadcast.